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Management Insists on Need to Lay Off 32 RNs

February 10, 2012

Float Pools Nixed Thanks to Union Pushback

Here we go again. Management is playing fast and loose with their figures again. On January 20, 2012, management made a proposal to our Union to change the work status of 90-plus RNs. They proposed layoff of some, as well as moving 41 Full-Time Equivalent positions into float pools. We have met with management and steadfastly refused their proposal due to lack of information and the fact that most units are already understaffed.

Plus, the way these meetings with management are going is eerily familiar. Back in June 2011, St. John’s management told us they needed to layoff RNs, but didn’t know how many. Management’s number of necessary layoffs started at 47 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) positions, then went to 16.8, 20.8, 22.15 and finally 40 by August of 2011. Here’s what we had to say about management’s wishy washy layoff numbers in August 2011.

“In our Union’s negotiations with St. John’s management over their claim that they must reduce RN staff, the numbers go up, they go down, then they go up again. Our Union Bargaining Team is confused and frustrated by management’s inability to show us exactly where layoffs are needed and why.”

There’s nothing new this time. Management still can’t or won’t show us why layoffs are needed, which they now say total 32 FTEs. And the units in which they are claiming they need to reduce staff are the units where staff tells us that, without overtime shifts, the unit would be constantly out of ratio. These areas also report many missed breaks, charge nurses carrying patient loads, and regularly being out of state-mandated nurse-to-patient ratios.

Our Union team meets with management again on Feb. 23 to continue discussions.

Stay tuned!

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