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Med Cart Mayhem? Not Really.

February 15, 2012

On Jan. 26, Director of Nursing Janet Brooks informed all RNs that we are not to eat or drink from our “med” carts.  What? Really? How harsh.

To point out the obvious, we do need water and sometimes food on our cart in order to give medicine to some patients. At times, pills must be crushed and mixed in water, applesauce, or some type of food or liquid to get the patients to take them. If we can’t carry any water or food on the cart, how are we to give meds to patients with water and/or food? We can’t leave the cart unattended and we can’t put anything on the cart? Something’s gotta give.

We use these carts all day, every day and we know the hazards of our med carts. However, we’re not so sure that management knows the facts about them.

"Who wants to put their food on a med cart? We often have to crush pills and mix them with water or applesauce so a patient can take them. I wouldn’t want to ingest any of that stuff. But we’re between a rock and a hard place being told we can’t have water or food on the cart. Where are we supposed to mix the meds for patients?" Linda Perrin, RN, Union Steward

Med Cart Facts

What’s the solution here? We’re not sure. But here are some suggestions that would improve the situation:

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