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2.5% Raises Start With April 6 Paycheck

March 22, 2012

We should all see a bump in pay in our April 6 paycheck, thanks to members standing strong during negotiations in 2010 and 2011. Even during the worst recession since the Great Depression, by sticking together in our Union and going on strike, we were able to secure a 2.25 percent raise for 2011, a 2.5 percent raise for this year, and will receive another raise of  3 percent at this time in 2013.

Our Collective Bargaining Agreement says:

“Effective the first full pay period beginning after 3/15/12, the Hospital will increase the base hourly rate of each bargaining unit member by 2.5%.  Wage scales will also be increased by 2.5% at that time.  There will be no other wage adjustments for individual bargaining unit members pursuant to this paragraph other than the above-described 2.5% increase to base hourly rate.”

If your April 6 paycheck does NOT include a 2.5% pay increase, contact:

Union Representative Donna Sigaty, RN, at (951) 203-7191 /

Click here to see our new wage scale or to view and print complete flyer.