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Dignity Wants to Eliminate Union Protections

March 29, 2012

In our second meeting with Dignity Health management to bargain a new contract for SEIU Local 121RN members, Dignity Health showed its new colors… and they’re not very flattering. Having recently shed their religious affiliation, now Dignity wants to get rid of our Union because, management said, the Union is an “operational impediment.” In their bid to do so, they presented our 121RN Bargaining Team with a proposal that essentially takes away nearly everything our Union has fought to achieve over the last 12 or so years.

We could volley insults back and forth all day about what management is an impediment to. Instead we’ll just let you know some of the top changes management wants to make.

Management made many, many more proposals that eliminate current contract language and protections, and more flyers are to come that will give you those details.

If you feel management’s proposals will harm our working conditions or negatively affect patient care, please talk with a Bargaining Team member. We want your feedback and your real-life stories to present to management in our fight for a fair contract.

Our Bargaining Team

St. John’s Susie Boatright, 4N Adriane Carrier, 2N Don Hadland, Pleasant Valley ER Nina Wells, Education Cynthia Wentzel, Pleasant Valley ACU

Northridge Gayle Batiste, OR Jaime Deloera, 4G Judith Lamasan, Case Mgmt Linda Pickford, NICU Jennifer Solovay, ICU