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May 15 Bargaining Update

May 15, 2012

Union Addresses Floating El Monte Adult RNs to Work with Peds Patients

At bargaining May 15, our Union team brought up the current problem of floating El Monte RNs who work with adult patients to pediatric units and having them work on pediatric patients in the ER. Our Union has received multiple RN complaints about the dangers of this practice, and management just doesn’t get it. One manager even said, “Our pediatric patients aren’t really sick.” Our team wonders why they have been admitted to the hospital if they’re not sick? This is a really bad practice that puts patients at serious risk.

Union & Management Teams Disagree on Clinical Ladder

Negotiations with AHMC management on a new contract for Greater El Monte Community Hospital and Garfield Medical Center Registered Nurses has been underway for several months now. Most economic issues have not yet been introduced, and our Union has asked for current contract language to roll over on many articles.

One issue that has seen significant discussion at the table is Clinical Ladder. Management has proposed that years of service no longer be a way to move up to upper levels of the ladder. They also want RNs to have national certification or a degree to advance to Level III and beyond. RNs with 30-plus years experience and an ADN or diploma could not move past Level II.

Management also wants the CNO to have the ability to decide whether or not a previous discipline will factor into whether an RN advances in Clinical Ladder. Our Union feels this would constitute double jeopardy because an RN would essentially be punished twice for the same mistake.

Our Union has asked that these articles retain current contract language: Article 1 Recognition Article 3 Employee Status Article 5 Filling of Vacancies Article 6 Nondiscrimination Article 7 Harassment Article 14 Minimum Rates Article 17 Health & Safety Article 20 Job Security Article 22 Subcontracting Article 23 Union Security Article 24 Work Stoppage Article 26 Savings Clause Article 27 Entire Agreement Article 28 Bargaining Unit Work Article 29 Employment and Income Security

Articles currently being discussed include: Article 4 Seniority Article 8A Committees for Quality Care & Working Environment Article 8B Nursing Practice Standards Article 8C Patient Classification System Article 8D Clinical Ladder Committee Article 9 Grievance Procedure Article 10 Discipline Article 11 Hours of Work, Overtime and Scheduling Article 12 Floating Article 18 Education Benefits Article 19 Leaves of Absence

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