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Clinical Ladder Open Enrollment

July 3, 2012

The Clinical Ladder provides monetary recognition for the professional development and clinical expertise of the bedside nurse. It allows Registered Nurses to direct their own professional growth, thereby increasing personal satisfaction.

You can print Clinical Ladder forms from the St. Joseph intranet. RNs who meet the qualifications for Clinical III or Clinical IV will receive an additional 3 percent raise between levels. Once you have completed your application and documentation, turn it in to your manager.

For 2012 open enrollment, you should use current Clinical Ladder forms. Over the next few months, we will hold educational forums on the new Clinical Ladder program that will debut in 2013.

Open enrollment begins July 1, 2012 & ends September 30, 2012.

“This is your opportunity to utilize our Clinical Ladder program to further yourself in your nursing career. If you’ve never participated, I encourage you to get on board for the betterment  of your career and patient care.”  -- Kevin MacVane, RN, Clinical Ladder Co-Chair

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