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Time to Spring Into Bargaining Action!

April 11, 2013

Our team kicked off face-to-face negotiations with management on Wed., April 10. The first order of business is the discussion of non-economic issues.

Although non-economic issues don’t gain the same kind of attention as a wage increase or other compensation-related language, they are just as important. Think of non-economic language as the foundation that holds our workplace together in an organized, concrete manner. Raises, differentials, benefits and other compensation complete the package and keep dedicated and experienced employees at Tarzana.

Since we know that negotiating the monetary aspects of a contract captures everyone's attention, we save those for last.

“There really is a method to our madness,” says Chapter President and Bargaining Team member Jim Owen. “Most people automatically think of raises or Clinical Ladder when it comes to contract negotiations, but those are just a part of our contract. The bulk of our agreement with management contains language outlining how our day-to-day workplace operates. If you think about it, this is just as important as money.” These issues include scheduling, discipline, new hires, time off, and floating.

Highlights of our Union Proposal to Management

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