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Hospital Proposes Major Changes to Clinical Ladder

June 13, 2013

In March, the hospital announced that it wanted to revise our Clinical Ladder. Our Union Bargaining Team asked for a copy of the proposal at that time. Today, more than three months later, the hospital outlined their thoughts. We asked for a full and complete written proposal. This afternoon, CNO Neil Apeles finally provided us with an outline of what had been discussed earlier. However, he was unable to answer most of our questions.

The Providence Clinical Ladder proposal is a point-based program that needs to be renewed annually.  There are three categories: 1. Education and 2. Clinical, in which most points would be accrued, and 3. Evidence Based Practice/Research, in which additional points may be earned. The hospital could not explain the point system. Each item listed also has a corresponding activity sheet, which the hospital failed to provide us.

If you are currently a CN 2, CN 3, or CN 4, you may not be under this proposal. This proposal will provide plenty of guess work.  If we were to accept their proposal, your hourly wage, depending upon where you fall, may decrease by as much as 15 percent. Our Bargaining Team says NO WAY!

Stand ready to fight over the Clinical Ladder. We go back to the bargaining table Wed., June 19, so wear black or purple on Tuesday night & Wednesday as well as every Friday.

If you have questions, talk with a Bargaining Team member.

Click here to see management's Clinical Ladder proposal on second page of flyer.


We will discuss healthcare at our next bargaining session. With the start of the new healthcare plan in January, staff members have expressed concerns, including:

Our Bargaining Team needs to hear about your experiences with the new health plan. This is important information for our Bargaining Team to have when we begin negotiating healthcare. These personal anecdotes will help us effectively provide support for our team’s position.

We will not identify staff by name or other information without first obtaining your permission. Provide us with your contact information so that we may contact you if we need clarification.

Email or fax the following information with your story to Judith Serlin at: / (626) 395-7538

Please include your name, email, unit, shift, and home or cell phone number with your story.

Click here to view and/or print complete flyer.