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Cerner Training Grievance Update

May 29, 2014

On April 25, our Union issued St. John’s management a grievance claiming they are in violation of our contract.

The issues raised in the grievance include:

The Step One meeting regarding the grievance was held with the employer on Wednesday, May 14. Prior to the meeting, management informed us that they would pay any lost shift differential. We included this in the grievance because at the time the grievance was filed, several members had not received that pay. They also informed us they were in fact issuing training pay to the members who are acting as classroom trainers. This was included in the grievance because the employer failed to inform us of this prior to the meeting and had stated they would not pay it at prior meetings.

The employer must send a written response on or before May 29. If the response does not resolve our issues, then we will request a Step Two meeting which should occur within 15 days of the request. We will continue to actively work to resolve these issues.

An unfair labor practice charge was also filed with the National Labor Relations Board and is pending.

Important: If you were asked to be a super user and then told your role and expectations had changed, you have not been paid the shift deferential or you  feel you have or will be negatively impacted by this training in any other way, contact a Steward or Union Representative Chris Slane.

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