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RN Team Brings Proposals to First Bargaining Sessions with HCA Management

July 17, 2014

Our SEIU 121RN Bargaining Teams representing Registered Nurses at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center, Riverside Community Hospital, and West Hills Hospital & Medical Center dove right into our first joint bargaining sessions by giving HCA management a proposal on ground rules and several proposals on existing articles.

Ground Rules

Our team and management have agreed to ground rules, which establish the framework for how bargaining will operate and help to avoid disagreements over an RN’s leave time for bargaining.

Article 33 Disciplinary Actions

Our Bargaining Team proposed a statute of limitations for giving discipline to RNs as well as shorter “cleansing periods.” Management has responded, saying they want a 6-month time frame to issue discipline.

Article 35 Educational Assistance

Our Union was able to clear up some of management’s misconceptions regarding our current Education Fund that were causing them to deny RN requests for educational classes, workshops and seminars. Our new proposal will also make it easier and more timely for RNs to receive permission to attend educational opportunities.

We are always looking for Contract Action Team members to help spread the word about what’s happening in bargaining. Talk to a Bargaining Team member or Union Rep if you’re interested in helping our fellow Registered Nurses.

[caption id="attachment_3922" align="alignleft" width="576"]HCA Barg Team 2014 webOur Bargaining Team (L to R): Patricia Lopez, RCH; Jennifer Hardy, Los Robles; Nanette Logan, Los Robles; Mary Jo Romero, RCH; Jeanette Munden, Los Robles; Carmen Sierra, RCH; Wesley Dawson, RCH; Elley Langsam, West Hills; Dawn Horvatich, Los Robles; Kathleen Burke, West Hills; Heather Swan, RCH: Jeff Figueroa, RCH; Karen Ballantyne, West Hills; Lesley Whitehouse, Los Robles. Not pictured: Stella Chavez, West Hills; Vanessa Diaz, Los Robles; Lorraine Myrick, RCH; Sue Symmons, RCH; Nora Parkins, RCH; Jackie Sanders, West Hills.[/caption]