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Peds, Mother-Baby RNs Floating to Transitional Care a Safety Issue?

August 13, 2014

Management says Mother-Baby and Peds are a part of Labor and Delivery and thus they don’t consider RNs floating to Transitional Care as a negative patient care issue.

Our Bargaining Team spent the morning of Wed., July 23 in negotiations with JFK Memorial management. However, once management said they don’t consider Peds and Mother-Baby RNs floating to Transitional Care as a patient safety issue, our team cut off negotiations.

“I want to stress that the first minutes or hours may have a lasting impact in the long-term outcome on an infant’s life.”

— JFK Transition RN

Transitional Care, Peds and Mother-Baby RNs at JFK Memorial agree that the first few hours of a baby’s life is a critical time and a specialized skill set is required to provide competent care.

Our Union has made it clear to management that we will not accept contract language that requires a Peds or Mother-Baby RN to float to Transitional Care.

“The transition nurse’s role is to assist neonates in the process of transitioning from intrauterine to extrauterine life. Complex physiological changes are dramatic at that time.”

– JFK Transition RN