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Kindred Proposes Cuts to Vacation, Holidays

August 18, 2014

“Kindred recognizes the importance of time away from work for all employees and provides PTO to eligible employees so they can attend to a variety of individual needs, including rest, recreation, illness and other personal reasons.”

– Kindred policy

If the above statement from Kindred’s own policy manual is the truth, then why does Kindred management want to gut our current Paid Time Off policy?

Current Policy                                                       Kindred Management Proposal

0-5   years = 15 days / 120 hrs                          1-2   years = 7 days / 56 hrs

5-10 years = 18 days / 144 hrs                          2-5   years = 10 days / 80 hrs

10+ years = 23 days / 184 hrs                           5-10 years = 15 days / 120 hrs

10+ years = 20 days / 160 hrs

Kindred takes their proposed cuts further by proposing that “only full-time employees who have worked more than three years in a bargaining unit position are eligible to work holidays or to receive holiday pay.” The current policy allows all full-time, part time and per diem employees to work holidays and receive premium pay. The current policy also states “benefit eligible full-time and part-time employees,” provided that they worked their scheduled shift before the holiday and after the holiday, will receive holiday pay. Part-time employees must be scheduled for 24 or more hours per week.

SEIU 121 RN and SEIU- UHW came to negotiate. We came to bargain for fair pay and benefits for Kindred employees and we will not settle for less.

Tell Kindred management that these proposals are UNACCEPTABLE and the dedicated Kindred South Bay and Tri-Cities employees deserve better!

Slight Increase in Hire Rate

During negotiations on Friday, August 15, our SEIU 121RN and SEIU-UHW bargaining team met with Kindred Management for our third bargaining session. Management agreed to an immediate increase in the hire rate, to $10.10. As a result, two dietary workers will receive a wage increase by Oct. 1, 2014, bringing their hourly rate up to $10.10.

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