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Management Refuses to Rescind Imposed Changes to Our Working Conditions

January 23, 2015

Although we have one bargaining session left this month – scheduled for 1/28/15 – it doesn’t seem our employer is serious about stopping unilaterally imposed changes to our working conditions or about getting a contract done that protects our licenses and our jobs.  Because of this, we were forced to file ULPs and to ask you to authorize a ULP strike.  We had the highest turnout of any Union event at PSJMC, and 94% of voting RNs said YES over the course of 3 days!

If management doesn’t rescind the unilateral changes, continues to make changes without bargaining over them, and continues to have us work out of ratio, we will be ready to act.  We will be in communication soon with dates for a multi-day strike if it becomes necessary.

In the meantime, thanks for all your support, your emails and your phone calls.  We are getting the word out quickly about new developments and will continue do so with your continued involvement.

Your Bargaining Team,

Tracy Andrews, 4N - Kevin Macvane, Short Stay - Joyce Powell, ER - Brenda Blanco, 5N - Cindy Triola -ICU

Our Current Union Proposals:
  • 3.75% wage increase the first year, 3.5% year two and three
  • A 25-year step increase
  • Retroactive pay
  • PTO accruals based on FTE status
  • Maintain current scheduling practices
  • Increase to Clinical ladder pay with changes for easier access
  • Increase to SRP to $9/hr above base rate
  • RN certification; annual bonus, and increase to bonus amount  (not limited to when you renew)
  • Additional leaves of absence protections
Current Management Proposals:
  • 2% wage increase the first year, 2.25% years two and three
  • No additional steps to wage scale
  • No retroactive pay
  • PTO to be based on hours worked, not FTE status. If you take a day without pay, you do not collect PTO
  • Elimination of Extended Sick Leave
  • Change of requirements to negotiate with union prior to increasing healthcare premiums
  • RN jobs subject to subcontracting