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Retro Pay to Begin Showing Up in Paychecks March 20

February 17, 2015

Registered Nurses at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center, Riverside Community Hospital, and West Hills Hospital & Medical Center will receive retroactive pay in their paycheck on one of the following dates: March 20, April 3 or April 17.

Our new contract with management includes a wage increase of 3 percent for all RNs, retroactive to Sept. 28, 2014.

Hospital management says they are unable to process all the retroactive pay for 2,000-plus RNs on one pay period, so one-third of all RNs at each facility will be randomly selected to receive their retroactive pay on each of the dates above. This is so that all RNs at one facility do not receive their pay before the others. All RNs have equal probability of being selected for each pay period.

We thank you for your patience!