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Bargaining Update for May 19-20 Sessions

May 21, 2015

Our Bargaining Team and management reached a tentative agreement to increase CET paid hours for St. John’s to match Northridge and added deadline for employer to respond to requests for schedule changes within five days!

We proposed improving:

  1. Floating language
  2. Subcontracting protections
  3. Protections in case of hospital sale and RIFs
  4. RN involvement in decisions about new equipment and training
  5. Certification and recertification pay
  6. Formation of a Clinical Ladder for professional development

Management has either rejected or is still reviewing these proposals.

We’ve had extensive conversations with management about Health and Safety issues impacting members, reports made that go unresolved, etc.

Management proposed changes to the attendance policy which we have not accepted.

Finally, some members received invitations to attend “focus groups” to have information presented about Dignity’s proposed health plan options. We are in the bargaining process and have not yet received a proposal on healthcare benefits. The employer cannot bargain directly with individual members by attempting to circumvent the bargaining process. If this happens, let a Bargaining Team member or your Union Representative know right away.