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Dignity Not Bargaining in Good Faith, Delaying Process

June 11, 2015

After today's bargaining session, it became apparent that Dignity  management will insist on implementing their own health plan regardless of whether or not it works for us. The plan eliminates both the POS and HMO plans and replaces them with an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO).

It also would limit everyone’s options for care unless they are willing to pay higher co-pays.

Although we are still bargaining and will continue until we reach agreement on a contract, it is important that we demonstrate unity and resolve around our health plan.

The employer has engaged in bad faith bargaining through delays in the process, refusal to respond to our wage and other economic proposals until we “reach resolution” on their health insurance proposal, and has made unilateral changes to working conditions.

Eleven sessions into bargaining, here's Dignity's newest proposals:

Next bargaining dates: June 25-26 & 29-30

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