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Union Wins $$ for RNs Paid Incorrectly

February 24, 2017

Our Union reached an agreement with management for increased pay and back pay to March of 2016 for a Float Pool RN who was being paid incorrectly. The nurse transferred to Float Pool from TCU in March 2016 because the TCU was closing. The nurse is a non-benefitted employee and, according to our Union contract, should have received an hourly rate increase for joining the Float Pool. This did not happen and the nurse will now receive the hourly increase plus back pay of more than $8,000.

An RN was hired as a coordinator in the PICU a year ago. Due to the promotion, management added $2.50 to the hourly rate and directed her to clock in as a Charge RN every day she worked for an additional $2.50 per hour. Management later said they “made a mistake” and reduced the RN’s pay by $2.50 per hour. In November, our Union filed a grievance and won. The $2.50 per hour has been added back to her hourly rate and she received back pay for the time that she was not paid the full amount.