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Nominations Open for Los Robles 121RN Chapter Officer and E-Board Reps

March 13, 2018

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NOW ACCEPTING NOMINATIONS FOR Los Robles Hospital SEIU 121RN Chapter Officer and Executive Board Representatives!

Our 121RN Bylaws state that the “Executive Board shall be composed of Local Union officers, all Chapter Presidents, or permanent designee, plus one elected Representative for every 400 members, or portion thereof…” Elected Representatives are paid a stipend for their service and may also be Chapter Officers.

It’s time to elect chapter officers and 1 voting members to represent Los Robles Hospital members at the Executive Board. Chapter Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer are not automatic members of the Executive Board, and are welcome to run for a representative position.

Executive Board and Chapter Officer nomination forms are due by 3/27/18. Click here to access the form.

Return the nomination form by 3/27/18 to a Union Steward or to our Union Rep Corey Clark. Forms may be emailed or texted to or 213-247-4585.

All Executive Board Representatives:


Vice President


Additional details available. If interested, please talk with a Union Steward or our Union Representative.