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Some clarity about other Unions' strikes...

June 16, 2018

When members of other Unions announce a strike against our employer, it’s important to understand what our contract says.

Our Union Job Contract with Tarzana Hospital includes a “no strike, no lockout” agreement—this is a mutual agreement reached to ensure our employer that we will not strike or join in other Unions’ strikes and, in return, Tarzana management agrees that they will not “lock us out” of our jobs while our contract is in effect. (Please see Article 24 of our Union Contract to learn more.)

What does that mean for us during the strike?

We are expected to work our full assignments during another Union’s strike. We can join their picket on our meal breaks or during non-work hours on our days off, but we are expected to work all assigned hours.

QUESTIONS? Kristy Corella (626) 864-3522