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Press Release: RNs at Hollywood hospital picket to alert community of critical patient safety issues

October 31, 2018


CONTACT: Terry Carter, (805) 312-0024

RNs at Hollywood hospital picket to alert community of critical patient safety issues

Los Angeles, CA—Dozens of Registered Nurses and supporters picketed this morning in front of Southern California Hospital at Hollywood. The RNs formed their Union last year in large part to remedy problems that affect patient care and safety. They have now reached a “picket” level of frustration with the hospital’s resistance to their proposals for addressing unsafe staffing levels and other grave concerns.

“I love what I do. My inspiration comes from a desire to help my patients and their families during their hospital stay,” said Michelle Parica, an RN who serves on the Union’s contract bargaining team. “But, I am often unable to provide the quality care our patients deserve because we’re simply overworked and understaffed. A third of our RNs are new to the hospital and new grads who end up leaving in less than a year. They feel overwhelmed because they are often out of nurse-to-patient ratio and unable to provide basic care to our patients.”

In addition to insisting that the hospital adhere to California’s nurse-to-patient ratio regulations—including during meal breaks—RNs have asked the hospital to guarantee its support of continuing education that ensures RNs keep up with the latest treatments and protocols. They also want the hospital to adhere to state laws that mandate annual Patient Classification System (PSC) committee meetings, which help to ensure accurate measurement of patient acuities.

“The hospital is dangerously not considering the individual acuity level of care that each patient requires when assigning nurses’ patient load,” said Gloria Pammit, another RN on the bargaining team. “One nurse on the floor might have four patients needing scrupulous care while another nurse on the floor has the same number of patients but with much lower requirements. This hazardous disregard of acuity levels not only creates chaos on the floor, it endangers our patients!"


Service Employees International Union, Local 121RN represents nearly 9,000 registered nurses and other healthcare professionals at 27 hospitals and facilities in Los Angeles and surrounding counties. This member-led organization is committed to supporting optimum working conditions that allow nurses to provide quality patient care and safety.