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We pushed. HCA listened. Here's some good news about sick pay and more...

April 2, 2020

Dear 121RN Members:

As you know, for nearly two months now your Union has sent your hospital a steady stream of information requests, demands to bargain and strong recommendations for responsible policies during this pandemic.

Many of you have also spoken out and taken a stand for patient and Nurse safety.

I have some updates.

Union members’ hard work has paid off. HCA has just unveiled some sensible protections for its staff:

UPDATE ON PPE: HCA has agreed to purchase some PPE and we have been informed that it is from one of the suppliers identified by 121RN.  However, they have not informed us of the quantity or when the PPE will arrive in hospitals and at which hospitals. We are continuing to follow up to hold them accountable for their responsibility to provide PPE for employees, as legally required. If you haven't yet, please click here to sign the petition and urge them to purchase sufficient N95 respirators and other needed PPE  as soon as possible.

Stay united. Stay strong. Stay healthy.

In Unity, Rosanna Mendez Executive Director, SEIU Local 121RN