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*VICTORY* CDPH orders RCH to ensure E.R. patients are safely transferred

July 17, 2020

Dear SEIU Local 121RN Members,

It’s always great to report a patient safety victory!

Earlier this month, as a result of three investigations into the hospital’s understaffing, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) now requires the hospital to have Emergency Department RNs do a live bedside report when transferring a patient to a unit. The hospital practice had been understaffing the ED and instructing RNs to simply fax your reports up to the other floor.

This also means that there must be enough ED RNs on the floor to safely (according to Title 22 ratios) take over an ED RN’s other patients while that RN is accompanying the patient and giving the report.

These investigations were a direct result of Union Nurses submitting ADOs and working with the Union to file official complaints to CDPH.

Thank you for standing up for your patients!

Be sure to submit an ADO if you see the hospital violate this mandate (or any other violation of health, safety, labor rules and regulations).

In Unity, Rosanna Mendez Executive Director, SEIU 121RN