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HCA: Safe Staffing Saves Lives #2

July 24, 2020

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Wednesday, we convened and continued our push for safe staffing. We worked on the following:

  1. Break and meal periods - sufficient nurses to ensure breaks and meals are provided in a way that makes it safe to hand over patients during the breaks/lunches, and no retaliation for submitting missed break/meal forms.
  2. Lactation accommodation - provide nursing moms with clean, private rooms (in accordance with the law) suitable for expressing milk with a sink, refrigerator and space to sit and charge pumps - among more requirements!

On Thursday, our safe staffing champions, Sen. Connie M. Leyva and Asm. Miguel Santiago, author and co-author of our “Stop Repeat Offender Hospitals” bill, joined us to hear our proposals about strengthening the provisions in the new law by adding some of the language to our contract for enforcement.  We also had a guest reporter from a major national news outlet in attendance.  Shortly after the introductions, HCA and the hospitals’ management teams left the online room.

We wanted to discuss the following:

They refused to continue discussions, called for an immediate caucus (break) and never came back to our discussion But, our unity is our strength.

Stay tuned for additional news...


Speak with a , Union Steward or your Union Rep/Organizer: LOS ROBLES—Corey Clark, (805) 253-2357, RIVERSIDE—Jennifer Sanchez , (626) 437-6976, WEST HILLS—Shamora Freeman, (626) 841-6431,