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West Hills Nurse nearly fired for her bravery and loyalty to her coworkers

August 10, 2020

When West Hills RN Jhonna Porter learned that management failed to notify her colleagues that their unit had been turned into the COVID-19 unit, she alerted them in a private Facebook group that she and her colleagues used for work-related news.

Then the hospital suspended her. Read about her experience here.

Discipline a dedicated Nurse risking her life to heal people during a pandemic? The public wasn't happy. Check out all the press:

The Union fought for and won to have Jhonna's suspension removed and backpay restored.

All this national attention led to Jhonna being honored on National Whistleblower Appreciation Day. In the year of the Nurse, in the middle of the worst public health crisis we've ever faced, The National Whistleblower Center honored Jhonna, who said at the event, “In a public health crisis, telling the truth is a lifesaving act. We must do it, no matter the risks. I’m going to keep doing that. I encourage Nurses across the country to do the same.”

Check out video of this event here:

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