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November Elections

October 5, 2020



SEIU Local 121RN Ballot Recommendations:


California State Assembly


California State Senate


U.S. Congress

AD-35 Dawn Addis (Paso Robles)
AD-37 Steve Bennett (Santa Barbara)
AD-39 Luz Rivas (North Hollywood)
AD-41  Chris Holden (Pasadena)
AD-43 Laura Friedman (Glendale)
AD-44 Jacqui Irwin (Thousand Oaks)
AD-45  Jesse Gabriel (Encino)
AD-46  Adrin Nazarian (North Hollywood)
AD-47  Eloise Gomez Reyes (San Bernadino)
AD-49  Ed Chau (San Gabriel Valley)
AD-50 Richard Bloom (Santa Monica)
AD-51 Wendy Carrillo (East & Northeast, LA)
AD-52  Freddie Rodriguez (Pomona)
AD-53 Miguel Santiago (DTLA & Boyle Heights)
AD-54  Sydney Kamlager (Crenshaw, Mid-City)
AD-55  Andrew Rodriguez (Walnut)
AD-56  Eduardo Garcia (Coachella)
AD-57  Lisa Calderon (Whittier)
AD-58  Cristina Garcia (Bell Gardens)
AD-59  Reggie Jones-Sawyer (South Los Angeles)
AD-60  Sabrina Cervantes (Riverside)
AD-61 Jose Medina (Riverside)
AD-62 Autumn Burke (Marina del Rey)
AD-63 Anthony Rendon (Lakewood)
AD-64 Mike Gipson (Carson)
AD-66 Al Muratsuchi (Torrance)
AD-68 Melissa Fox (Irvine)
AD-70 Patrick O’Donnell (Long Beach)
AD-72 Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen (Garden Grove)
AD-74 Cottie Petrie-Norris (Laguna Beach)
AD-76 Tasha Boerner Horvath (Encinitas)
AD-77 Brian Maienschein (San Diego)
Alhambra City Council: Sasha Renee Perez
El Monte Mayor: Andre Quintero
Pomona City Council: Robert Torres
YES on Prop 15: Schools and Communities First Reclaims billions every year to invest in our schools and local communities.

YES on Prop 18: Expanding Access to Voting for Young People

| NO on  Prop 20: Repealing Criminal Justice Reform | YES  on Prop 21: Rent Control Help keep our communities stable by allowing local communities to enact or expand rent control policies that limit how much rental prices can increase each year. |

NO on  Prop 22: Eliminating Protection for App-Based Workers

| Yes on Prop 23: Protecting Dialysis Patients Require on-site doctors, prohibit insurance discrimination for dialysis clinics. | Yes on Prop 25: Ending Money Bail Replace the money bail system with a system based on a determination of public safety and flight risk. |
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