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We’re serious. This is life and death. We are here to make serious recommendations for Nurse and Health Professional health and safety.

October 10, 2020

While management has shown some willingness to take some small steps, they have not agreed to anything significant. We have now sat “across from them” at our online bargaining table for months. During that time, more of us have fallen ill due to lack of PPE, lack of testing and unsafe patient protocols. There is simply no time to waste—not for us, not for our patients and not for our Union contract.

We’re still waiting for management’s responses on:

There’s only ONE more 2-day bargaining session before management takes an expected DRASTIC STEP designed to silence and weaken us. We’ll show them our UNITY.

Sign up today at

Be sure to join us next Wednesday for our important monthly conversation with all SEIU 121RN members at all three HCA hospitals—Los Robles, Riverside, and West Hills.

This is a great way to get updates, ask questions, provide feedback and offer suggestions as we continue our push for a good contract that improves staff and patient safety, working conditions, pay and benefits.

Here are the links to these online conversations on the 2nd Wednesday of every month; they don't change, so you can add them to your calendar reminders:

8:00 a.m. »»»

8:00 p.m. »»»


Speak with a Bargaining Team Member, Union Steward or your Union Rep/Organizer: LOS ROBLES— Carolynne Roderick, (626) 429-5055, RIVERSIDE—Jennifer Sanchez , (626) 437-6976, WEST HILLS—Shamora Freeman, (626) 841-6431,

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