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Our Chief Negotiator to management => "Come prepared next time!"

October 24, 2020

Our Bargaining Team is working hard to make things better. Management continues to offer nothing but reductions, take-aways and stalling when it comes to the important improvements that need to happen now to protect patients and staff.  

Our contract has been extended through December 4, but that won't help unless management begins some meaningful negotiations on our priority issues.

Lisl, our chief negotiator, demanded that management come to our next bargaining sessions much better prepared to discuss these life-saving matters.

At RCH, the hospital dismantled a critical  leadership structure during a pandemic, eliminating our Charge Nurses. What a fiasco! At all three hospitals, we continue to be out of ratio in countless units. RNs still go entire shifts without a sip of water. Staff is still falling ill. PPE is still not adequate. And in the meantime, we’re STILL waiting for meaningful responses from management on:
  • Proper staffing levels—with the appropriate expertise—to safely care for patients
  • Safe meal and break relief that ensures patients have enough Nurses on duty at all times
  • Adequate, sanitary PPE throughout the hospital without re-use conditions...and more!

Management has shown their disregard for safety. There’s no reason to hope they won't take the DRASTIC STEP designed to silence and weaken us. To show them our UNITY…Sign up today at

This is the strongest action we can take right now to support our Bargaining Team.


Speak with a Bargaining Team Member, Union Steward or your Union Rep/Organizer: LOS ROBLES—Carolynne Roderick, (626) 429-5055, RIVERSIDE—Jennifer Sanchez, (626) 437-6976, WEST HILLS—Shamora Freeman, (626) 841-6431,