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Good News: we're sending Healthcare Heroes to Sacramento!

November 5, 2020

You work hard to provide the best possible care for your patients. But sometimes…

It takes a LAW. (Click »»» here to see some of the strong Nursing and healthcare laws we've won.)

That's why we're excited to announce that, as a result of yesterday's elections, we're again sending Healthcare Heroes—endorsed by our Nurse-Powered Politics (COPE) Committee—to represent us in Sacramento. You'll recognize some names here, many who helped us win things like our Stop Repeat Offender Hospitals bill and our recent PPE and Worker's Comp bills.

Here are the election results* for the Healthcare Heroes we endorsed—we will work with them to continue passing strong Nurse and healthcare legislation:



California State Assembly


California State Senate


U.S. Congress

AD-35 Dawn Addis (Paso Robles) This race is still too close to call.
AD-37 Steve Bennett (Santa Barbara) WON
AD-39 Luz Rivas (North Hollywood) WON
AD-41  Chris Holden (Pasadena) WON
AD-43 Laura Friedman (Glendale) WON
AD-44 Jacqui Irwin (Thousand Oaks) WON
AD-45  Jesse Gabriel (Encino) WON
AD-46  Adrin Nazarian (North Hollywood) WON
AD-47  Eloise Gomez Reyes (San Bernadino) WON
AD-49  Ed Chau (San Gabriel Valley) WON
AD-50 Richard Bloom (Santa Monica) WON
AD-51 Wendy Carrillo (East LA & Northeast LA) WON
AD-52  Freddie Rodriguez (Pomona) WON
AD-53 Miguel Santiago (DTLA & Boyle Heights) WON
AD-54  Sydney Kamlager (Crenshaw, Mid-City) WON
AD-55  Andrew Rodriguez (Walnut) This race is still too close to call.
AD-56  Eduardo Garcia (Coachella) WON
AD-57  Lisa Calderon (Whittier) WON
AD-58  Cristina Garcia (Bell Gardens) WON
AD-59  Reggie Jones-Sawyer (South Los Angeles) WON
AD-60  Sabrina Cervantes (Riverside) WON
AD-61 Jose Medina (Riverside) WON
AD-62 Autumn Burke (Marina del Rey) WON
AD-63 Anthony Rendon (Lakewood) WON
AD-64 Mike Gipson (Carson) WON
AD-66 Al Muratsuchi (Rolling Hills Estates) WON
AD-68 Melissa Fox (Irvine) This race is still too close to call.
AD-70 Patrick O’Donnell (Long Beach) WON
AD-72 Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen (Garden Grove) This race is still too close to call.
AD-74 Cottie Petrie-Norris (Laguna Beach) This race is still too close to call.
AD-76 Tasha Boerner Horvath (Encinitas) WON
AD-77 Brian Maienschein (San Diego) WON
Alhambra City Council: Sasha Renee Perez WON
El Monte Mayor: Andre Quintero Andre did not win this seat.
Pomona City Council: Robert Torres WON
Ballot Measures
YES on Prop 15: Schools and Communities First Reclaims billions every year to invest in our schools and local communities. This decision is still too close to call.YES on Prop 16: Opportunity for All Help rebuild California stronger with fair opportunities for all. Sadly this didn't pass, failing to expand opportunity for all.YES on Prop 17: Restore Voting Rights for Parolees Restores the right to vote after completion of prison term.