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St. Joe's found guilty of serious workplace safety violations!

April 9, 2021

Union Nurses fought hard for the Cal/OSHA Aerosol Transmissible Disease Standard. It was specifically created for a time like this. And yet our hospital didn’t effectively follow its safety guidelines, leading to illness and unnecessary transmission. Click »»» here to learn more about our fight for the ATD standards.

Years earlier, we fought hard for and won safe needles/sharps and their disposal. »»» here to learn more about our fight for safe sharps.

As with any of our victories—the laws we’ve won, the articles in our contracts, agreements we’ve reached in Labor/Management committees—we must enforce them, or they’re meaningless!

Our Union and our Stewards relentlessly followed up with Cal/OSHA, leading to months of investigations that now result in the following fines:


You can’t be retaliated against for giving information to a government agency (like CDPH, Cal/OSHA, BRN, NLRB, etc.) about violations of laws or regulations. Immediately notify a Steward or our Union Rep/Organizer if you experience retaliation.

Questions? If so, talk with a Union Steward or contact our Union Rep/Organizer Tracy Andrews at (818) 379-5616,