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Press Release: “Patients’ Right to Know” bill AB 1422 passes in Assembly floor vote; heads to Senate

June 2, 2021


June 1, 2021

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AB 1422 passes in Assembly floor vote; heads to Senate

Bill would expose dangerously low hospital staffing & ensure patients’ right to know.

Sacramento, CA—The California Assembly overwhelmingly passed AB 1422 today, Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel’s (D – Woodland Hills) “Patients’ Right to Know” bill co-sponsored by SEIU Local 121RN and SEIU California. Building on 2019’s SB 227, the Stop Repeat Offender Hospitals bill, this year’s bill will bring public transparency to the dangerous practice of sidestepping safe staffing levels with “program flexibility” requests.

Read Neonatal ICU Nurse Teresa Rowe’s account describing how dangerous program flexibility can be.

Program flexibility allows hospitals to operate in the dark as they cut corners and slash staffing levels, which endangers patients and puts RNs’ licenses at risk. Nurses believe that patients deserve to know that hospital administrators too often—and with unnecessary risk—fail to ensure there are enough RNs on duty to safely staff the number of hospital beds.

No one wants to be a patient in a dangerously understaffed hospital.

AB 1422 would require any hospital applying for program flexibility to:

Simply put: AB 1422 will ensure that nurses will have voice to ensure safe staffing.

“As the son of a nurse, I learned firsthand that nurses are both compassionate caregivers as well as devoted patient advocates, which is why it’s so important that they have a voice in critical hospital safety decisions,” said Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel. “I am proud to partner with SEIU and nurses across California to advance this important legislation.”

“This legislation is designed to strengthen our ‘Stop Repeat Offender Hospitals’ win in 2019, which created an escalating fine structure for hospitals that ignore the rules. Governor Newsom signed this bill because he listened to nurses and patients instead of the hospitals’ corporate PAC,” said SEIU Local 121RN President Dr. Nina Wells, DNP, MSN-NE, RN, PHN, at St. John's Regional Medical Center in Oxnard. “The hospital industry made SB 227 their number one ‘kill bill’ in 2019 and waged an aggressive and costly disinformation campaign that Nurses effectively refuted. We expect the industry to oppose accountability again this year, but Nurses are stepping up and leading with a laser focus to ensure compliance with California’s groundbreaking regulations protecting patients and Nurses.”

“Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, our hospitals cut corners in extremely dangerous ways. The pandemic—and our nation’s uneven response, our hospitals’ lack of preparedness, and the sluggish responses from enforcing agencies—just made it worse,” said SEIU Local 121RN Executive Director Rosanna Mendez. “California has some of the strongest regulations to protect patients. Union Nurses fought for these laws and rules. The trouble is, there continues to be a lack of enforcement, transparency or a willingness to listen to Nurses on the front lines. AB 1422 would finally give Nurses a voice in the process that has allowed hospitals to make Nurses responsible for a dangerous number of beds—endangering patients and putting RNs’ licenses at risk.”

2019’s passage of Senate Bill 227 proved that California continues to lead the nation in patient safety. AB 1422 will also provide some necessary deep cleaning to ensure that hospitals don’t abuse the California Department of Public Health’s “program flexibility” waiver system.

Healthcare in this country is changing rapidly. The RNs of SEIU Local 121RN continue to work hard to make sure that hospital, state and federal policies and regulations keep up with this nation’s need for reliable, safe, quality care. In September, out of frustration with the lack leadership from public health agencies, Nurses ran our own safety campaigns. Fighting dangerous “flexibility waivers” to ensure safe staffing levels is a big part of these aims. We will continue to use our collective voice to balance out the decisions coming out of boardrooms and shareholder meetings of wildly profitable hospitals and will always strongly advocate for the highest patient safety standards.


SEIU Local 121RN represents registered nurses and other healthcare professionals in California. This member-led organization is committed to supporting optimum working conditions that allow nurses to provide quality patient care and safety.