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Glendora Hospital RNs: It's time to win our first Union Contract!

July 17, 2021

To print our bargaining update flyer, click here.

At our hospital, the time for change is now.

Nearly three years ago, Nurses at our hospital stood up to demand change, and voted to form our Union. Our former employer, Prime Healthcare, used everything in their arsenal to delay the process, and soon after we reached the bargaining table, they decided to cut and run. But we're not looking back. Make no mistake—we now have a golden opportunity to turn our hospital around. Our new employer has already made commitments,  which we will hold them to. The California Attorney General—who gave conditional approval to College Health to operate our hospital—is watching closely.

We know what needs to be done, because we care for the most vulnerable of patients every day. They can't wait any longer for us, in partnership with our new employer, to get it right. At the bargaining table, we've already delivered proposals aimed at creating the change we need:

  • On Patient Safety: Nurses are frequently out of ratio, and there is no break Nurse. Without enough Nurses, we can't safely care for patients.
  • On Job Security: We need to know our jobs our safe, so we can focus on our patients. 
  • On Health and Safety: Our building and equipment is in dangerous disrepair. Patients can't rely on working call lights when they need help, but loose extension cords are often in arms reach to those who might harm themselves. Patients have escaped through doors with broken locks—creating danger for them and the surrounding community.
  • On Pandemic Safety: During the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly half of our staff contracted the virus at work. It took far too long to get PPE. We need strong policies to ensure that we're prepared for the next public health crisis.

Change can start now, but it will take all of us to make it happen.

Remember, we have leverage heading into negotiations because the of the California AG's conditional approval of College Health's ownership of our hospital. But we have to be vigilant. Download this handy flow chart on reporting incidents of unsafe staffing, unsafe working conditions, and management negligence.

The conversation continues on our private, members-only Facebook group!  Join today at: Questions? Contact me at (626) 375-9976.

In Unity,

Gil Jadloc, Union Rep/Organizer, SEIU 121RN