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Officer Elections

July 23, 2022

Officer Elections

Local 121RN will be having Union-wide officer elections on October 14, 2022 for the roles of 121RN President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. As the Election Committee responsible for setting the election process for those elections, we’re writing to ask that you contact us right away if you believe we may not have your current mailing address on file. We would like to ensure you receive your ballot when it gets mailed out.

Here’s some general, preliminary information:

In August, election notices and nomination petitions with eligibility criteria and submission deadline will be provided to members via 1) email, 2) SMS text message, 3) postings in your facilities and 4) via a post on our website (

In September, ballots will be mailed to members.

On October 14, ballots will be counted and results provided to members after the vote count is finalized.

More specifics (dates, times, etc.) will follow.