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SEIU 121RN Executive Board

January 11, 2023

SEIU 121RN Executive Board

The SEIU 121RN Executive Board—a body elected by the members of our Union—is strengthened with the swearing in of our new Officers. Leo Perez, RN, Pomona Valley Community Hospital will serve as President, Monique Hernandez, RN, Riverside Community Hospital will serve as Vice President and Joyce Powell, RN, Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center will serve as Secretary Treasurer. We look forward to a new, reenergized  and reinvigorated Executive board.

The nation's focus is on recruiting and retaining nurses and here at 121RN it is our focus too.

There has been no better time to leverage our Union power to make meaningful changes in our practice. SEIU 121RN seeks those changes by strengthening our contract language, and by improving regulations and laws so that we may hold regulatory bodies like CDPH, JACHO, and CMS accountable. These agencies must protect patients and healthcare professionals, not just hospitals and corporations. By taking action, we will keep our patients safe.

We will be lobbying at both the state and federal level.  We want safe-patient-ratios for all states, workplace violence statutes, increased ancillary staffing and decreased medical premiums for the very people that provide that care.

We are standing on the threshold of change in healthcare, and as Nurses and other healthcare professionals find their collective voice, we at 121RN stand ready to yell from the rooftops.

121RN is working with legislators, administrators, stakeholders and other Unions in building our political power to make the necessary changes to advance our profession and get us back to the bedside advocating for our patients health and safety.

We hope that SEIU 121RN members will join our new union officers as we drive forward an empowered Executive Board to reach our collective goals.