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COPE Newsletter: May 2024

May 23, 2024


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Press Conference
Speak Out: Secure Hospitals for All


Date: Friday, June 7, 2024
Time: 8:30am - 9:30am

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center 
1300 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Join Assemblymember Mike Gipson to announce AB 2975 - "Secure Hospitals for All." The bill, authored by Asm. Gipson, aims to reduce the threat of hospital violence invovling weapons by bolstering security and ending certain unsafe practices.

The bill requires all hospitals to place metal detectors at key public entrances, staffed by trained security officers at all times. It mandates the use of trained security officers to search patients belongings for dangerous contraband—not healthcare workers who must focus on providing compassionate care.


AB2975 “Secure Hospitals for All!”
Sacramento Lobby/Labor
Committee Hearing Update

Great News! Our "Secure Hospitals for All"
bill (AB 2975) reached a major milestone
on April 17th, when it successfully passed
the Assembly Labor Committee!

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Beware of “Team Nursing”

Team Nursing is a care model that
utilizes groups of professional and
non-professional healthcare personnel
to deliver care. The model stresses
efficiency, but in practice, Team Nursing
is the equivalent of assembly-line care. In
contrast, primary nursing is first class—
it centers on the relationship between
patient and Nurse.

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Why Support COPE?

At the bargaining table, on the picket
line, and in Sacramento, our union takes
on the greedy corporations that put
their profits before our patients' safety.

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In Focus: Garfield Medical Center 2023 Contract Campaign

Twenty twenty-three was a powerful
year for the labor movement. From the
“Hot Union Summer” to the “Solidarity
Season,” SEIU 121RN members were
on the front lines of labor's resurgence.
Our 10-day strike at Garfield Medical
Center (GMC) in Monterey Park—over
unsafe staffing, broken equipment, and
inadequate workplace violence policies
and more—exemplified our collective
power in action.

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Lobby Day Training
May 15th

Year after year, SEIU 121RN members
have fought for and won legislation to
protect our patients, improve our working
conditions, and better our industry. To
achieve these victories, SEIU 121RN
member leaders engage in lobbying ...

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Upcoming May Political Events

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