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Joining with other RNs and Licensed Healthcare Professionals in a Union provides a way for us to take collective action to improve our jobs and protect the quality of the services we provide. Unions provide job security, protect dignity and give those of us on the front lines a say in our wages, benefits and working conditions. And it's all guaranteed in writing in our Union contract.

And it only works if we enforce it!

Through our contracts, grievance processes, Labor-Management and other joint Union/Management committees, state and federal laws and regulations that we campaign for, our public actions and our Stewards, we help set industry standards for skill levels, staffing ratios and quality of life for workers. Union-negotiated wages and benefits are generally superior to what non-union workers receive. Our Union is truly the only way for us to have a strong voice on the job.

Here are tools to enforce safety and know our rights on the job:

Know Your Contract

Our supervisors might not know all of our rights and agreement in our legally binding contract. It’s up to us to make sure all its provisions are followed. Be sure to ask your Rep/Organizer for a copy today and work with your colleagues and Stewards to enforce it.


Hey, the boss asked to see me!

You have the right to have a Union Rep/Organizer or Union Steward whenever your supervisor calls you into a meeting.

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Were you given an unsafe assignment?

Be sure to fill out a Staffing & Safety Objection form if you are asked to take an unsafe assignment. This can include being asked to work out of ratio, float outside your competencies, go without breaks or anything that feels unsafe.

Take Action

Have you missed breaks?

Talk to your Union Rep/Organizer or Union Steward.

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Steward Resources

Stewards are mentors and advocates for union members with questions or concerns at work.

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Strong Laws We've Won

Read more about the laws we successfully advocated for.

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