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Refu Aguilera for webInterim Union Representative/Organizer

Refu Aguilera
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**VICTORY** Encino RNs win $1.156m back pay ruling

Continue reading for Details, plus check out the coverage we got in the L.A. Daily News.

Introducing our new SEIU Local 121RN Executive Director, Rosanna Mendez

Dear SEIU Local 121RN Members, Tuesday, October 9th, our Executive Board (made up of your colleagues chosen by you to represent Union members at each of our hospitals) selected our new Executive Director, who will work with me and the …

ATTN Encino RNs: We have contract bargaining dates — learn more 8/1 w/snacks, gift baskets & more!

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Raffle Prizes & Free Gifts at our Nurses Week Celebration!

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Encino RNs – Bargaining Survey Results Are In…

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Come to our meeting on 4/4 & enter another raffle opportunity!

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Important meeting 3/28 to prioritize our issues — and maybe you’ll win a raffle!!

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Meet our Bargaining Team and let them know our thoughts — take our Union’s Bargaining Survey

We’re getting ready to negotiate our next Union job contract with Encino Hospital. Please complete our Bargaining Survey to help our Bargaining Team determine our priorities. They will use this feedback as they work hard to preserve the benefits we’ve …

SEIU 121RN Alert: Let’s get ready to BARGAIN!

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NLRB Rules in Favor of Encino RNs – Hospital Ordered to Issue Back-Pay

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ruled in favor of Registered Nurses represented by SEIU Local 121RN in response to a complaint we filed in 2011 over Encino Hospital Medical Center’s discontinuation of Anniversary Step Increases after our collective bargaining agreement expired.

Nurses Week Event Slated for May 4

Help us celebrate National Nurses Week with a special get-together and gifts for members!

Monthly Membership Meetings Scheduled

Our stewards want to keep all members up-to-date on issues around the hospital and what we as Union members can do to resolve them. All members are encouraged to stop by the first Monday of each month to hear what’s upcoming, and what our Union is working on now.

Membership Meeting Aug. 5

Receive a copy of our RN contract, learn about some of the new (and old) provisions in our contract and find out how you can get involved in
our Union.

Announcing Chapter Officer Elections

Now accepting nominations for SEIU 121RN Chapter Officers! Nomination petitions are due by March 12, so start getting your required signatures now. Return to a Union Steward or to our Union Representative.

Encino Nurses Ratify Contract

On November 17, RNs at Encino Hospital Medical Center voted overwhelmingly by 97% to ratify a new contract that protects benefits, wages, and working conditions after three long years of negotiations. After much struggle and working together in unity, members …

What You Need to Know about Ebola

UPDATE: The CDC issued an infographic for healthcare workers, “Could It Be Ebola?” On October 15, Cal/OSHA issued an Interim Guidance document on Ebola. Click here to read it. The University of Nebraska Medical Center created two illustrated guides to …

We’re United for a Strong Contract at Encino!

We’ve been bargaining our Union contract with hospital management, and we’re almost done! However, there are rumors and tactics that are being used to divide us and take away our focus on finalizing our contract.  Don’t fall for it! A …

We Deserve a Fair Contract for All RNs!

The hospital proposed that there be no wage increase for per diems or above-scale RNs. Apparently the hospital thinks more than 30 percent of our workforce doesn’t deserve an increase. And, after no raises for years, they proposed only a 3 percent raise for some of us with no retroactive pay.

Years of Experience Grievance Settled

Our Union and the Hospital have finally agreed on the terms of the Years of Experience grievance going forward. Within the next few pay periods, RNs hired after September 2009 and who are owed money will receive back pay, and RNs who are credited with years of experience will be moved to the appropriate step on the scale or closer to scale. The hospital will pay RNs who are impacted by the years of experience portion of the grievance back pay from March 17, 2013 until the date of implementation. The hospital is currently calculating monies owed.

Our Union at Work!

During the past month, several RNs were called off after having worked 8 hours. The Hospital argued that they can place an RN on standby at any time. However, our contract is clear: “In no event shall call-off occur” except during the first 8 hours of a 12-hour shift. The affected RNs grieved these call-offs, and as a result, Alex Wolf, Marina Slabyak, and Nene Ruelo will receive pay owed for hours they were called off in violation of our contract. If this happens to you, talk with a steward or contact our Union Representative Judith Serlin.